Cherry Orchard N.S

This development consisted of the construction of a two-storey school in 4 wings incorporating 16 classrooms, a general purpose room, a canteen, an early start unit and a special care unit. The building was constructed with an exposed in-situ concrete frame, floors and curved concrete roof.  External finishes included brickwork, exposed concrete, and untreated timber windows and screens. The project included the completion of four separate enclosed recreation and play areas, a carpark and a service yard.


Department of Education & Science

Floor Area:4,603 sqm.
Architects:O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects
Quantity Surveyor:Duffy Gaffney Partnership
Structural Engineer:PH McCarthy & Partners
Service Engineer:PH McCarthy & Partners

The completed building included a library, parents room, commercial kitchen and large plant room with each classroom containing toilets and a store room. The large windows, doors, screens and reception were fabricated using Angelim Petra, a sustainable hardwood imported especially for this project.

The exposed concrete frame included exposed columns, polished concrete floors and exposed concrete roof and ceiling soffits. The exposed concrete roof was constructed in 4 wings of the building in semi circle vaults and in 2 half vaults in the corridor. This consisted of a layer of concrete where the soffit was exposed, a layer of insulation and water proofing and a top layer of concrete to provide a vandal proof external roof finish. Significant services co-ordination was required to cast in services openings within the in situ floor slab. Brick finishes were used extensively for the construction of internal and external walls and the construction of a diaphragm wall enclosing the 4 play areas.

The landscaping included forming exposed concrete benches, a sand pit and planters, completing tarmac to the play grounds, ball court and car park, and forming 2 soft play areas. 40 cherry trees were planted within the playgrounds and the remaining site was planted with grass.