Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme

For the last nine years Townlink has delivered the SEAI Better Energy, Warmer Home scheme (BEWHS) as part of the Warmth and Wellbeing initiative. The aim of the scheme is to carry out extensive upgrades that will make homes more energy efficient, and thus warmer and healthier to live in. We have also delivered energy upgrades for local authorities around the country.

The scheme targets owner occupied households nationwide experiencing energy poverty in line with the Affordable Energy Strategy. The scheme is carefully structured and expertly delivered through the highly efficient partnerships of SEAI, the HSE and SEAI appointed Managing Agent.

Townlink’s commitment to sustainability is seen in its ranking as a ‘Top Contractor’ on the scheme with an average success rate of 95% and very high customer satisfaction having delivered more than 3,300 homes to date.

There is tangible evidence of environmental benefit from Townlink’s work on the scheme with 15 new homes every week becoming more energy efficient, using less energy and conserving energy. Townlink has recently been reappointed to the SEAI BEWHS panel for a further 3 years.