May 2024

Considerate Neighbours

WAACC (Whitefriar Aungier Area Community Council), are Townlink’s neighbours at our Greenside Building, Cuffe Street. We recently had the opportunity to support this initiative by providing a native Wild Irish Cherry (Prunus Avium), to their gardening club, as well as a range of children’s toys and games for their summer outreach programme.

We were warmly welcomed to the development at Crabbe Lane by Brendan Dowling and his team. Brendan was able to talk us through the development of the community there, including its links to the surrounding area at York Street and the original Greenside Building. The tree is being planted in their Community Garden beside a doorway from one of the old York Street tenements.

Townlink continues to develop relationships and support the communities in which they work, as a considerate neighbour.